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Friday, January 28, 2011


I am about 99% healthy, with a tiny residual sniffle now and again.  I hate being sick and work very hard all year round on not getting sick.  I take vitamins.  Eat right.  Exercise. A lot.  Add immune boosters when I need to.  Sleep well.  Ok, that's a lie. I sleep as much as I can, knowing that most normal people couldn't survive on the few hours I get a night.  C'est la vie! 

I had some great workouts this week.  8 mile tempo run.  Weight training ~ and I even threw in 2 leg exercises.  My puny peg legs need to gather some serious muscle mass.  Rode the trainer a couple of times this week too.  Had a much missed 2500 meter swim tonight.  It felt great to get back in the water.  I am still slooooow but swimming that distance was a piece of cake.  I guess that's what 3 years of Ironman training will do to you.  It will take some serious adapting to what a normal distance workout is...however, I am in no rush to find out.  But I am learning that a zippy 2 mile run is just as good as a slow 1 hour trainer ride.  It's all about perspective and how I view the "quality" of the workout.  Its a learning process and not always so fun....but one day, that will change. 


Christi said...

Great workouts this week!

Yoga Teacher Training said...

Training as intensely as you do is something to be admired. The discipline that you have to achieve your goals is a fine example to everyone that reads your blog. Keep up the good work!