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Sunday, February 27, 2011

10 mile run with the man

After a nice morning, drinking coffee and hanging out with Mike and the kids, he headed into the basement for a few movies and a 55 mile ride.  The drawback to doing an Ironman so early in the season (May 21st.)  Yucko.  I think we headed out for his 10 mile run around 1pm or so.  We hit the trails and it was a really warm day, sunny too.  We definitely overdressed.  We kept at his pace and knocked out 10:30s.  So proud of my tenacious husband.  He has overcome so much in the past year ... 2 knee scopes, a broken collar bone and is now dealing with *as a result of the same bike crash that mashed his collar bone in 5 places* serious hip pain.  He has a torn labrum, in addition to the re-aggravation and re-inflammation of FAIS (femoral acetabular impingement syndrome.) Translation?  Serious hip pain!  He will welcome a cortisone shot to get him through a 70.s in Galveston in April and then Ironman Texas in May. He's a stud!  There is also possible talk of Team Freisem doing Vineman together.  So excited!! He truly is the Comeback Kid (like William Shatner's career!!)

Now it's time to kick back, eat some serious throw-down home made pizza, drink some bad ass IPAs and watch the Oscars. What a GREAT day!!

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Mike said...

babe - your support means EVERYTHING! thank you...and nice copy and paste from my blog...FAIS...heheh