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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

7 miles.

It's been a long week so far.  and it's only Wednesay.  The weather has been anything but pleasant.  Cold.  Really cold.  Single digits.  I rode the trainer on Monday and Tuesday.  A cop out.  I just want to be at home.  For Luna, Willow and myself.  Mike has been in Canada and thankfully gets home tomorrow. I miss him. 

Luna is recovering well.  She's amazing.  Putting pressure on her right leg,almost immediately.  She is tough and resilient.  I am envious of her strength at times. 

It was about 20 degrees tonight and rather than making it easy on myself and heading to the gym for a 7 mile run, I decided to let some fresh air do me good.  I layered up.  2 pair of gloves.  Compression socks.  A hat.  A scarf.  My gore-tex windproof jacket.  I grabbed my garmin but had no intention of using it as a guide. 

At about 6:45pm, I left the house, determined to have a good run.  No agenda.  No speed work.  No goals.  Just me, Alexi Murdoch whispering in my ears, my trusty Brooks and the stars above. 

When you lace up your kicks and head out for a run, do you find yourself running away?  do you use running as an escape?  I always have.  I thought it was what I needed to do in order to shed the problems and struggles of my day.  But not tonight.  I dangled that carrot in front of me.  For the first time in almost 14 years, I wasn't runing away from my life, I was running towards it...into the arms of my dreams and aspirations.  I am desperate to live the life I deserve.  and these 7 simple miles filled me to the core.  I had no idea how fast I was actually running because I was so thrilled to realize that I didn't need to run away anymore.  I am running towards the quiet in myself I have always needed....this is why I run.  I have found the love of running again.  The fire and passion is back...

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Christi said...

"I was running towards it...into the arms of my dreams and aspirations. I am desperate to live the life I deserve." Awesome, I need to reach that point!