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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Austin Marathon ~ #49

7am race start.  Overcast skies.  Cool breeze.  Lots of humidity.  Lots of smiling.  Hot Pink Race outfit courtesy of SkirtSports. Rested legs and a huge desire to kick some ass.  26.2 miles later, I did.  4th fastest race time ever but perhaps my fastest on a what I will call a "real" course (the other 3 times were on downhill courses!)  I am really proud of myself.  Like, really freaking proud.  This course is harder than Boston.  I can't wait until April 18th.  

Kristina Freisem #3668

Broomfield, CO, USA
Age: 38 Gender: F
Clock Time3:56:03
Chip Time3:48:41
Overall Place731 / 4808
Gender Place124 / 1945
Division Place17 / 350
Tot Div4808
Tot Gend1945
Tot Ag350
5K Rank1111
5K Time27:00
10M Rank1305
10M Time1:26:34
Half Rank1177
Half Time1:53:50
20M Rank907
20M Time2:54:17
Final 10K Rank731
Final 10K Time3:48:41
Total Pace8:44/M


Christi said...

Absolutely freakin' rockin' time! Congrats and have a great time in Boston!

Deanna said...

It was much harder than Boston! You are so awesome and are going to seriously ROCK boston Twin!!! So proud of you! xoxoxo