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Saturday, February 5, 2011


I feel like I have been living in a constant state of fuzziness since Monday.  Training has taken a back seat.  My family is so much more important.  I feel like I ran this week, maybe road the bike on the trainer?  Did I swim?  To be honest, I can't remember really.  My attention has been on Luna.  and poor little, unsuspecting Willow.  She has no idea what is going on and she misses playing with her big sister.  I have been sleeping on an air mattress outside Luna's crate.  wanting her to know I am there for her.  And in all honesty, it's more comforting to me than to her. 

Tomorrow I am heading to the pool for a 3000 meter swim.  I need to knock this out. Get lost in the serenity of the water.  Feel like I'm floating.  and for no other reason than to just escape for a little while. 


Keri said...

I hope Luna and Willow are both doing well! I know I would do the same thing for one of my babies. I tell Ken that more than anything, I just want those furry babies to know how much they are loved! Thinking about you!

Christi said...

I hope your puppies are doing better! I am sending Luna some postive love.