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Friday, February 18, 2011

I've been up to...

nothing new!  ha.  Wish I had more exciting news to share but alas, my life revolves around my pup's recovery right now.  2 weeks post surgery and Luna is a rock star.  Life has had to adjust majorly but we're all making do.  

Training is on track.  I am in week 11 for Boston.  I'm still swimming twice a week, biking and running 3 times a week.  If I decide on a summer triathlon, I'll be ready.  

Tomorrow we leave for Austin.  Marathon #49.  I'm pretty excited.  Austin's marathon course claims to be challenging and hilly?  Oh yeah.  My two favorite race attributes!!  Flat courses are for the birds.  I say bring on the hills!!  I race so much better on them.  The humidity though?  Not so much.  But I'm not going to let that hold me back.  Mike is doing the half-marathon and Twin is flying down from Spokane to join in on the fun.  It will be her 48th marathon/ultra so between the two of us, we'll have 97 26.2+ mile races under our belts on Sunday.  Nuts!  OH and I figured out the other day, that since I started running marathons in 1998, I have logged over 22,000 miles. What?!? I think that number is actually over 23,000 because in the early days, I ran 6 days a week logging 50-65 miles at a pop!  However, that has scaled back in the past 3 years to just 3 times a week for a max of 40 miles.  That is PLENTY!  I imagine Dean Karnazes runs 23,000 in 1 year but it's all relative, right?

Sunday's goal is a 3:50 and I hope I can pull that out of my ass considering the course profile...we'll see!
Austin Marathon Elevation Profile

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