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Friday, February 25, 2011

Recovery Week

Enjoying 512 IPA
Oh yeah,we're feeling good!
After Sunday's race, Mike, Dee and I hit downtown Austin.  and we hit. it. hard.  Wow.  Started off with some sweet IPAs at a place called The Cedar Door...a few pitchers later, we were a little lighter in our step and a lot louder in our conversation.  We started wandering around, listening for live music and we stumbled upon a place called The Friends, where there was a live Blues band...they jammed!  We switched over from beer to Jameson Whiskey on the rocks.  Not sure it was such a good idea but hindsight is 20/20!   After we cleaned that bar out of whiskey, we moved on.  Ended up at a place called the Dizzy Rooster...It just got uglier from there and at some point, we made it back to the hotel and ordered late night room service and chatted it up.  Mike went to bed aka passed out and Twin and I continued our conversation (to which I cannot recall. haha)  I just love that girl to death!  She is definitely my best friend!!! and what's even cooler is how well she and Mike get along. I am a very lucky girl.  Sunday's after-marathon party was a well deserved and much needed night out!  The next morning, we flew back home.  It was a quick trip, in and out.  and so worth every moment!  Mike and I loved this race and will definitely do it again sometime in the future.  


Monday - after a hard core day Sunday, I took it easy and swam a nice and relaxing 1500  meters.
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Rode the trainer for an hour and 15 minutes
Thursday - A nice and little 20 mile ride/3 mile run brick.  I miss those!!
Friday - Tonight, I  met Mike at the pool and swam 2000 meters.

I love recovery week.  It gives me time to catch up on "life."  

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