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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I have broken so far out of my comfort zone.

Today was another rough day at work.  April 15th...where are you?  I work in the financial industry and this is my least favorite time of year.  I got out of work an hour late [Boo! HISS!] and was pretty anxious to hit the pavement with my running shoes and some Black Eyed Peas (not the Super Bowl half-time version of them though!!)

It was gorgeous out - 60 degrees today.  I can hardly believe Spring is just 3 weeks away and even more exciting, daylight savings is a mere 11 days away.  It will be so nice to not have to run in the dark and maybe even be able to squeeze in some bike rides after work. Yippee!!

My legs were feeling really good and I wanted to try something new.  I wanted to get so far out of my comfort zone and run as fast as I could, knowing my heart would be crawling up my throat, along with perhaps, my lunch.  But I was prepared mentally for that.  I actually am going to run a half-marathon on Sunday -something which I have only done twice before in the past 13 years (unless you count the 98 half-marathons that I have run during my 49 marathons but I am pretty I can't)  and see what I can do.  Mike is so cute.  He asked me "Are you going throw down Sunday?"  Um.  hell yes?  I actually have to run 17.5 miles that day so I will warm up with 2 and cool down with 2.5.  and then of course, lunch and some beers with my good friend Cara and her hubby Mike. and my Mike because we're all doing the half.  

Back to my 5.5 mile tempo run. I started out like a bat of hell and somehow managed to stay there for all 5.5 miles.  I run an out and back course, which is all uphill out and all downhill back.  I love it -Boston is miiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!

Mile 1 - 7:41
Mile 2 - 7:36
Mile 3 - 7:33
Mile 4 - 7:31
Mile 5 - 7:27
Last 1/2 Mile - 7:05
Total time = 41:21.82
Average pace 7:31

And that my friends is how you negative split your tempo run. Which by the way is my fastest outside tempo run.  ever.  and how have I gotten to this point in  running career?  Thank you speedwork.  Thank you Coach Howie.  Thank you Magic Hands II.  Thank you mind.  Thank you heart. and most importantly ... thank you Legs!!

5.5 Miles in 41:21.82

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