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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Joshua Radin - Boulder Theater

After what was a crap day at work, I was really looking forward to seeing one of my favorite Singer-Songwriters in Boulder - Joshua Radin.  Oh gosh, I SO love his music!! 

I hurried home and worked off some steam from my day with a 75 minute trainer rider, quickly changed, scarfed down dinner and then we headed to the Boulder Theater.  Laura Jansen opened up and she was incredible.  What a pistol!  She's a great newcomer to the music scene and worth listening to.  She set the bar pretty high and when it was time for Josh to come out, we were so pumped!

He cussing ROCKED the house.  He is such a powerful vocalist and amazing songwriter.  I am so glad I just happend to look at his tour schedule on Friday.  Crazy!!  I am pretty wound up from tonight and it will take some time to settle down and go to bed (at which 6am will come too soon) but he was so worth it the late night...  Plus he's a total babe!!! (I'm pretty sure Mike would agree.)

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Mike said...

We were too far from the stage for me to accuratley discern whether or not this guy was a babe...but the Sam Cooke song...that was hawt!