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Sunday, March 6, 2011

That Dam Half-Marathon

What was I thinking?  13.1 miles.  a half-marathon?  I have NO clue how to run that damn distance.  None at all.  I ran 4 miles as a warm-up before Mike and I headed down to Cherry Creek State Park.  The race wasn't until 10am.  What?  Seriously?  Man, these half-marathoners have it E.Z.  In typical fashion, we left late, got lost and barely made it to the start line after scouring the Explorer for Mike's lost iPod, only to tangle my headphones with his and neither one of us having music for the race.  Grr.

We had about 90 seconds to spare so my HR was already spiked.  I ran up to the front and took off.  Mile 1 ... 7:26.  Oh  boy, I really don't know how to run this thing.  After about 8 miles, crazy hills and a heart rate hovering 200, I crapped out.  Hit the wall.  Fizzled out.  DIED.  I  managed to scrap a 1:50 out of it, missing a 1:49 by about 5 seconds.  crud. Maybe I should have started out slower? DER! I think I am going to stick to what I know.  26.2 miles.  My comfort zone.  Dam. it.

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Christi said...

Way to step out of the comfort zone!