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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The week is looking better.

I had a tough day at work yesterday.  I work on a team with 2 women and one has been out sick, I mean, seriously ill for almost 7 days and the other women is due to have a baby any day now.  As tax season is full blow crazy right now, every day can be so hectic!  (I work at a Brokerage Firm) and I pretty much HATE tax time.  

Yesterday was a rest day for me.  I took little Looneys for her 4th PT appointment and she is doing GREAT!  She is 4 weeks post surgery and we are up to walking her a total of 45 minutes a day.  She is so strong.  When we go to PT, she gets to walk on the little doggy underwater treadmill.  She is just so dang cute!

Today was such a better day!  Wow.  I was so motivated and productive.  LOVE days like that.  It was another gorgeous Colorado winter day, getting up to 66.  I had a nice recovery run - 7.5 miles and relished the slowness of it all.  I just took in my surroundings and really slowed it down. It felt so fluid.  These types of runs are so great for me as I reset myself.  both mentally and physically. 

Tomorrow is Friday.  So excited for the weekend.  Lots of fun plans.  some great training and time with friends.  I love the balance.

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