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Monday, May 23, 2011

Let the training begin ....Vineman - Week 1

After an amazing and electric Ironman weekend in Texas, I am really excited to start my own training.  Vineman is the oldest independent full (140.6 miles) distance triathlon in the continental US.  The course takes place through Sonoma Countys wine country.  This may be the main reason I chose this race!  As well sa the fact that it costs half as much as WTC events and its a much smaller field, usually coming in at just under 1,000 competitors.  Another cool thing about this race is that the women start 30 minutes after the men.  I am so happy about this because swimming with the male age groupers can be downright brutal, as I experienced at IMFLkicked, punched etc.  No thanks. 

So I chose the shortest training program possible ~ 10 weeks.  I have kept up my base since finishing Ironman Florida and I just didnt want the burnout that typically accompanies a 26 week training program.  Only 8 more weeks until taper!

Craig is mixing it up with this short program and I am doing some things very differently.  I will be peaking my first 2 weeks, when I typically do that during the final 4 weeks prior to taper. I dont want to give away his work (my training plan) but I can say that this is going to be fun for the next 8 weeks  incredibly challenging, but very rewarding.

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