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Monday, July 11, 2011

Floating and flowing.

My new mantra: Go with the flow, let myself float, see where I land.  So far, I am at peace with my decisions.  I am still staying active but doing things I love to do.  Saturday, Mike and I dusted off our road bikes and went for a 92 mile "fun" ride from our house to Ward.  We climbed over 5,000 feet to get there.  I loved every moment of it as I was able to share it with my husband. The scenery was beautiful and I missed the fresh smell of mountain air... I see many more weekends in my future like this one.  They don't all have to involve 6 1/2 hour bike rides but they definitely need to involve getting to higher elevations and appreciating this magnificent state.  
Ward, Colorado  9,450 feet elevation
Ward's version of a roadside junkyard

Mike enjoying an ice cold Coke


Christi said...

That sounds like a good ride.

Amy said...

Love the pics, love your outlook and love you & your hubby. Sounds like a fun weekend. MIss you TW.

Yoga Teacher Training said...

What a wonderful experience. Climbing up a mountain, enjoying the fresh air, to be accompanied by your loved one turns a simple outing to a memorable one!