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Monday, August 1, 2011


This past weekend was spent having an absolute BLAST and no regrets with my husband and older sister in San Francisco and Wine Country.  As you recall, I was supposed to be racing Vineman this weekend and I did have a moment or two where I was pretty sad that I wasn't.  Then another glass of Cabernet or pint of IPA was presented to me and that feeling quickly dissipated.

I had never been to northern California before and was so excited about this trip.  We stayed in San Francisco for 2 days before heading out to Sonoma/Napa.  This vacation was exactly what I needed, including some running on the ocean as well as an incredible 4 hour mountain biking excursion with StokedSF in Muir Woods.  Only 1 crash!

This vacation was exactly what we needed.  I can't wait to go back but more importantly, I can't wait for our wine to arrive! 

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