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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Surgery and the aftermath.

 8/10 - I was under the knife for 7 hours - (my surgeon removed pollyups, reconstructed my septum and gave me a cute new nose - nice and straight!! and did I mention CUTE)...and I woke up completely disoriented, stiff as a board and my nose packed full of cotton.  That was NOT in the plan.  I was supposed to be able to have clear sinuses and when I realized I couldn't breathe out my nose, I freaked out.  Literally. Panic and anxiety consumed me and I was given a mild sedative immediately.  Didn't help as I was afraid I was going to suffocate or choke to death in my sleep.  The next night was even worse and my doctor put me on Valium.  Still didn't help.  All I could think about was staying awake so I wouldn't die...from suffocation.  I know that seems completely whacked out but I am an asthmatic and not being able to breathe is my biggest fear. I think in 4 days, I slept a total of 5 hours.

After 2 days, my surgeon replaced the full packing with smaller cotton balls and as the days continued, the cotton "packing" got thinner and thinner.  It was still hard to breathe but I managed.  My fear of suffocating and choking to death grew smaller.  After 6 days, she removed the splint and replaced it with tape.  The sight of my new nose, albeit brief, made me bawl my eyes out.  I was looking at myself, not recognizing this new feature.

I have wanted my nose fixed for 20 years.  It was crooked, long, pointy and had some bumps on it that made it hurt to wear glasses.  I didn't like my profile and I never felt like I had a "good side" for photos.  PLUS I couldn't freaking breathe out of it!  I am sure there are people who judge me, thinking, "she should have accepted her nose the way it was" or "it was unique to her" blah blah blah.  Well, this has made me feel 3000% better about myself - not only has this improved my breathing, it has improved my self-esteem.  I think, whatever it takes to make yourself feel good, then go for it. Don't judge people! In the long run, this may turn out to be cost-effective as the trip to my therapist may become fewer and farther in between.  Seriously! In all actuality though, the changes that were made are ever so slight and no one at work has even noticed.  It's crazy - they say things like, your eyes look bigger or did you do something different to your hair?  This makes me know that not only did I make the right decision for myself but it's not drastic enough for people to even notice.  

As a result of my surgeon, Dr. Carol Reid, being so amazingly talented, I didn't have any bruising (those are just my dark circles in the photos - genetics and lack of sleep!) and minimal swelling, mostly on the right side.  This makes my nose still appear slightly crooked - well, at least to me. But it is definitely...perfectly...and most-decidedly... straight. I'll be honest, it didn't hurt at all and I stopped using pain meds and ibuprofen after 2 days - it was the packing that made it intolerable.  (I guess I have a high tolerance for pain.)

So....it has been 22 days since my surgery.  I made it through the worst part (the packing) and my surgeon is astounded at how well and quickly my nose is healing. I follow her after-care instructions meticulously.  She has cleared me for certain activities faster than her other patients.   She told me that I could begin walking the day after surgery.  I didn't think I would love it but I am totally into it... but I'll save that for another post!

1 day - Post-op and utterly MISERABLE
2 days -post-op, still miserable
4 days - post-op
5 days post-op -First sight of my "new" nose
8 days post-op
9 days post-op and free of tape and splints for good!
10 days post-op
16 days post-op
17 days post-op
21 days post op

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Glenn Lowe said...

Nose lifts may be a sensitive topic for others. But for me, there’s nothing wrong about, it as long as you think it will benefit you in the long run. Anyway. I’m glad that you had a successful surgery and recovery. And looking at your photo, the end result turned out great. Good day!

Glenn Lowe @ Knight and Sanders