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Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's booty time.

Happy birthday to me!  Ok. ok.  It isn't quite my birthday yet. Teeeeeeeeeeeeeechnically, it's tomorrow.  More precisely, it begins at 12:50pm CST.  The exact moment I was born, just a mere 39 years ago.  How do I know the exact time of my birth?  Because every year, my endearing mother calls me at that. exact time.  Every. year!  EVERY YEAR.  She has never missed a birthday (that I can remember.)  This year she is on a cruise somewhere in Europe and I know I will get that call because one of "The Aunts" has a satellite phone.  I love it - it's absolutely my favorite part of the day.

I have been somewhat of a mope these past 5 or 6 weeks and woke up today thinking to myself, no. more. moping.  Or mopping.  I am tired of cleaning around the house. Screw you laundry.  Forget you dust. I need to get my ass up early and go exercise. I was actually doing that before but only  for an hour or two.  walking.  slow. Not enough endorphins for this junkie.  Today I am going to "up the intensity" a bit.  Although there are no races on the docket, I need to find myself doing some bigger workouts on the weekends to shake off the seasonal change blues and possibly the 5 extra lbs that have attached themselves to my ass.  (Ok, that's a joke if you have seen my booty!)  

So to start off my birthday weekend.... I am going to ride my bike for 2 hours and then go for a 2 hour run/walk.  I would love to be able to run the whole time but my little left hammy would be pissed so alas, the run/walk method.  I miss my early, big Saturday morning workouts and need to implement them again. Of course, not at the same intensity as Ironman training but enough to feel satisfied. Sunday mornings will be reserved for a bit of a sleep in, coffee and a big breakfast, some tidying up and then getting outside to enjoy what the day has to offer. 

Happy birthday weekend to me. woop. woop.

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I'M Tri-ing said...

Good for you! Sometimes a break is exactly what we need to remind ourselves of who we really are.
Happy Birthday too!