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Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Long run" Finally.

I have been in physical therapy for a few months now, struggling with my left hamstring, right where it meets my glute. Running has been a bear, to say the least.  I have turned most of my attention to strengthening and have even ventured on to the stair master.  Complete mental hell, if you ask me.  I have limited my running to 1 or 2 days a week and apparently, this is really helping per my PT.  Love her by the way.  Not only does she kick my ass and help me get better, she's an incredible listener and bears the gift of gab and so we always go over session times by 30 minutes, which is precisely why I like to be her last patient of the day.  Anyways, today I decided I want to go for a long run.  However, it was only in the 20s and there was tons of ice outside, so I took this notion to the gym. I don't need a broken ankle!  Off to the treadmill to be precise.  It started off that I was only going to run 2 hours, which at my most recent snails pace, would be about 12 miles.  But every 30 minutes, I bumped up the speed and by the time I hit 2 hours, I decided - just a little bit further - and finished up 14 miles at 8mph.  Granted, I didn't hold it for very long but I haven't seen that type of speed in months...my left hamstring/glute was definitely aware and aggravated by what was going on but I told it to fuck off because I really needed to run off some anxiety and get my heart rate up.  I have a ways to go before I am healed physically, but the mental healing has already begun.  

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Christi said...

Great job! Mentally, running on the treadmill is not easy but you kicked ass!