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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

i just kept...running.

...today was an incredibly emotional day for me.  it's my last day as a "technically" married woman.  despite having moved on emotionally long ago, there are those details that the state have made me suffer through.  90 days. 90 fucking days. I know every state is different...hell, I think Maryland makes you wait 6 months.  ah, the suffering when you have already gone through actually making the decision, and then the government tells you - nah, you're not done yet...let's make you suffer a little more, you know, for good measure.  WTF.  Florida is like lickety-split...let's just collect this taxpayer's money and get them the eff out of here. but alas, today is day 89.  whoah.  all the pain. all the suffering. all the stress. is about to be literally lifted off of my shoulders.  in 13 minutes precisely.  It's 11:47PM.  I will be celebrating a re-birthday, if you will. I felt it necessary to stay up until 12:00am, March 7th, 2012. I need to experience this...LIVE. not like Christmas as a kid, where you go to bed early on Christmas Eve so your parents, I mean Santa, can take care of business and let you awake to a magical day.  Nope.  I need to experience this all. the. way.  I've made it this far.  I have experienced every emotion known to man and have been through 3 of the most life-changing events in less than 6 months... death (loss of a baby), divorce and buying a new home. and look at me. I'm in one piece.  One god. damned. piece.  and I'm still standing. and smiling. and thriving. and apparently...still running. 

I haven't shared much lately about running.  I've held it sacredly close to me, as I have done in the past, being selfish with it, as at times it has been the only thing in my life that has given me pure joy. pure happiness. I am training for a marathon. 3 actually...between May 6th and June 16th. and then there's this little 140.6 mile triathlon I'm also training for in July.  yes.  life goes on.  and so do my athletic goals. and dreams.  and if you know me, then you know that. I. dream. BIG. tonight I intended to run about 8 miles. and I stopped at 14 because it was almost 9pm and I didn't want Trisha, the dear friend I am so grateful to be living with, to worry about me.  yup.  I could have kept going. and going. I probably could have run until midnight.


Christi said...

You absolutely deserve someone who gets you and loves all of you; the good and the bad. I know that you will find that person. So fear not, it will happen!

You got this girl!

Chicagogirl said...

I'm crying ... So happy for you ... That you are doing so well. ... And not just about the part about meeting someone... But for going through so much, in such a short time, and still smiling that bright, glowing, beautiful smile,. You, my dear, are an inspiration!

Kelley Philbin said...

Happy re-birthday day! Be well, be happy and love this new lease on the second third of your life! Similar to triathlon, there's tons of excitement not only in the destination, but in the journey as well!