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Sunday, April 15, 2012

week 3.

.....aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddd yes. I am training for an "Ironman."  really, I am.  Although, when I think about how much time I spend stressing over a 40 hour work week because of tax season (which is coming to a close THANK goodness) and then trying to maintain a social life (which is pretty spotty, at best, right now) and managing my own home (keeping it from falling apart) and taking care of the dogs on the weeks I have them (joint custody) and squeezing in time with my in-state family (who happen to operate on completely different time schedules because of children under the age of 11) and staying connected with my out of state friends/family (who would just make it SO easy on me if they just lived here) and most importantly being a sane, loving and giving girlfriend to a real gem, I have NO idea how I fit in 15 hours of training... THIS week.  and this was a light week.  Relatively speaking.  to a complete training maniac.  Yes, I worked out for 15 hours this week.  I far exceed the FDA's recommendation of 30 minutes of moderately intense cardio a day, but I also completely blew up their food pyramid by consuming over 80% of my diet in carbs.  whatever.  Red wine is a carb too, right?  Anyways, I digress.  I wrapped up a solid week of training - just 3 weeks before my next marathon and I am feeling good.  Well, I am feeling a moderate level of good because let's be honest, I feel pretty beat up.  But this is what Ironman is all about.  Destroying yourself.  Breaking yourself down mentally.  physically. and sacrifice - so much sacrifice. But this time around, if I sacrifice anything it will be the training...I have sound muscle memory.   plus I just don't give a shit. I have already decided I am not racing this distance next year.  I want to have a super fun summer.  What can I say?  I'm a Jensen and we Jensens like to party...am I wrong family?   and we can throw down a spoon any day of the week!!! 


Christi said...

Great week of training!

I love the pic!

Anonymous said...

Does one think considering that I am bad, obscure,plain mediocre,smaller and Small Dog Carrier