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Monday, July 2, 2012

Triathlon. finally.

EP Marathon
A few distractions.  some bumps in the road.  major road blocks. and one hell of a brick wall to climb.  but I made it.  I'm here.  finally.  it did start with a little run though on may 21st. the colfax marathon...26.2 miles of torture.  I hit some rough patches throughout the race but I came in just under my goal time, about 45 seconds - without a watch.  I was pretty pumped about that...despite my glutes/hips/hamstrings screaming at me. 

The following day, I started working with my new coach, professional triathlete - Michael Lovato. His coaching style is incredibly different than what I am used to, and it was exactly the change I needed.  7 days a week.  Several two-a-days. Constant loading. I probably train more hours a week but not as intensely volume-wise on any given session.  Make sense? well, it doesn't have to. Just know I am recovering well after each workout. I let him know that I am not a techie geek and my training is based on time and perceived effort.  perfect for this simpleton athlete.

Week 1: 9:35 hours
Week 2: 12:28 hours
Week 3: 13:25 hours
Week 4: 15:05 hours ~ which included the Estes Park marathon
Week 5: 16:09 hours
Week 6: 17:54 hours ~ which included an epic ride to the top of Mt. Evans 
64 miles & 7600ft of climbing
As I head into week 7, I've logged 14:32h in the pool, 46:28h on the bike and only 20:31h on the run.  (Hoping as the injury heals, the running mileage will get up there, as this discipline is my baby!)

So. did I mention that I bailed on the HITS triathlon at the end of July and registered for Ironman Louisville on August 26th?  Bring on the heat.  hold the humidity, pretty please?  and no wetsuit.  wow.  See how far this little non-swimmer has come?  I am confident enough to brave the waters with 2,000 athletes at my own free will without my "safety blanket."  and crap. I will have to kick. 

Amidst all the changes and challenges I have encountered lately, including a newly found single lifestyle which is both liberating and frightening, being on my own for the first time, well, ever... I added one more thing to the mix. I made an impromptu decision and registered for Ironman Coeur d'Alene. The thought popped into my head on a run and I became obsessed with it *of course* and decided to go for it. Quite an opposite swim (water temps around 60) but lots and lots of hills and climbing on the bike - my kind of course.

So there you have it... I am finally starting to feel like a triathlete again, despite not having raced since November 2010. and the cool thing is that I will be racing my first Ironman as Kristina Jensen. pretty fucking liberating indeed. 


Christi said...

You are a triathlete and I love watching you conquer this crazy thing we love.

Keep up the great work!

Yogirl said...
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Swim Bike Mom said...

Just found your blog... looking forward to reading :)

Astrid Betsy said...

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