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Sunday, September 23, 2012

run. dream. live.

Feeling incredibly proud and fantastic after IMKY, I decided to ride the wave of those emotions and run the ADT Marathon in Colorado Springs...a mere 8 days later.  I knew it was going to be hard.  I knew it was going to hurt.  I knew people would think I'm crazy (and of course express that to me but why? Why can't I do what I love without being told such a negative thing?!) Anyways, I knew the post- Ironman depression was bound to set in...it always does...sometimes immediately...but I wasn't ready for it.  not yet. not after all the depression I was immersed in for the better part of the last year.  hence the last minute decision to run this marathon.

ADT Marathon, 9/3
It was a gorgeous and warm day and it started off well and my running was strong, but that began to change around mile 14, when I started walking.  It just gave me an opportunity to enjoy my beautiful surroundings and chat with the volunteers at the aid stations. I no longer have expectations or time goals that are unreasonable. I  know my limitations right now and I am OK with them.  I had an incredible running career in 2010, one of which I am so proud.  and I know I will get there again...but for now, I am grateful.  (thanks C.D.!)  Grateful for having a body which will allow my heart to be in charge for awhile.  Finishing under 5 hours was my goal that day and I did it. So happy! #58

Denver Marathon, September 9/22
Fast forward to the Denver marathon, which I ran yesterday.  Feeling better than the ADT but not 100%, I went in again with the mentality that I was going to have fun, smile and be the typical KJ that runs this distance.  What is typical?  Smiling - ear to ear, laughing, cracking jokes whenever I can to whomever will listen and being engaged with the spectators.  Especially the steaming hot FIREMEN that are along the route at just about every marathon... It was a gorgeous, cool morning and I was ready to see what I could do.  I also had a special treat along the way that I was really looking forward to - a friend was going to run with me in the back half of the race.  These kinds of gestures always bring people closer together and if you're able to talk (which I was because of my pace) during that time, you learn a lot about one another in such an intimate way.  My pacer ran a total of 8 miles with me, leaving me to be on my own at Mile 25, wherein my pace went from averaging 9:50-11 minute miles to 8:00s.  I guess it takes me 25 miles to warm up.  I really need to run a 50  miler one of these days for that very reason.  Anyways, the goal was 4:30 - again realizing my current limitations - and sure as hell, I finished in exactly 4 hours and 30 minutes with change.  So happy! #59

I have 2 big milestones coming up next month.  I'm turning 40 and I will be running my 60th marathon.  I had a dream a few years back to run 50 by 40, but I did 10 better.  The race is 10/21 and my birthday is 10/23.  How cool is that?  My little sister is going to run the last 10K with me and the emotions will definitely be running high that day...I would love to enlist other friends to run with me along the way, making it that much more special. Any volunteers? I am so blessed and truly grateful for my life.

I know few things in life are certain. But in my life?  Right know...these things are certain...  I love to run.  I love to dream. and at this point in my life... I am living those dreams through running... but my dreams go way beyond that...and I am living those out too... how many people can truly say that?  


red haffner said...

that's pretty damn inspiring. i'd do the last 10 k with you, too, but i don't do that metric stuff. i'm all about miles and yards and pecks and kilograms.

RunnerChick said...

Where is #60? Chicago? You are a rock star and I love your T shirt!! Keep kicking some serious sass girl. Love u! Oh, and any time you're ready to run 50 you just let me know. I. am. IN!!

Chogavl Simon said...

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