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Thursday, December 6, 2012

A day (or 3+ months) in the life of a soon-to-be employed triathlete...

109 days of unemployment will have ended and I will be returning to work on December 17th.  I am thrilled. motivated. excited. determined. rested. READY! Don't get me wrong, I have loved not working.  It has given me a chance to do so many things that I would otherwise ignore or not have had the opportunity TO do.  Let's see...
  • There  was the 6 day trip to Hawaii, which included a weekend visit to Kona to watch and volunteer at the Ironman World Championships...an incredibly inspiring and humbling experience.  
  • 2 weeks later, a nice 6 day jaunt to Cancun where I did a whole lot of nothing on the beach.  
  • 3 weeks after that, a 9 day, 1800 mile Southwest Road Trip, hitting up Taos, Santa Fe and Albuquerque (New Mexico), Sedona and the Grand Canyon (Arizona), Moab (Utah), Fruita and Grand Junction (Colorado), landing in Aspen (Colorado) for Thanksgiving.  It was an action packed, highly active, absolute blast of a vacation!  And I may or may not have had the absolute best travel partner in the world, ever!!!  
  • Next week...Sweet Home Chicago!  I will FINALLY have the chance to celebrate an early Christmas at my parent's for the first time in 10 years.  I am elated and fired up for some hometown TLC!
I've definitely knocked vacations out of the ballpark these past couple months.  I have also taken the time to address the old, nagging (18 months) hamstring/glute injury which has involved chiropractic work/massage/dry needling and acupuncture and throw in a little NLP for giggles.  I'm on the mend and am hopeful to be at 100% come the new year so I can start throwing down some faster (and painless) running times.  

I am spending a LOT of time in the weight room at the gym.  I am working with a personal trainer, 2x's a week, for more power and strength (hopefully in triathlon.)  I've gained almost 10lbs and have grown some inches in the hips and thighs.  and do you know what I say to that?  Faster bike!  It's an adjustment and although I am still lean, it's nice to see that I actually have a booty again that may or may not look damn fine in jeans!  

I  ran my 60th marathon in Boulder with some fantastic running partners.  I then turned 40 2 days later and had not 1, but 2 surprise birthday parties thrown for me.  To say I was emotional about that would be an understatement.  I am so grateful to have that kind of love from my friends and family!  

Well.....I guess I am all caught up now.  I look forward to closing this [rough] chapter in life as 2012 ends.  It has been filled with heartbreak, heartache, rebirth and rebuilding.  I feel like I am *finally* on solid ground for the first time in my life, and I have cleaned out the closet [people] and made room for a whole lot of bright and shiny things [positive energy.]  I met someone this fall who has shown me that there is a chance to feel excited again about being in a relationship and brings out the absolute best in me.  (It's drama and toxic-free!) 

I am hopeful and anxious to see what my future holds but for now I live solely in the moment, for in all actuality, that IS all I have... 

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Christi said...

Here's to a fantastic new year and new you!