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Friday, December 7, 2012

Life lessons.

Here's a no-brainer ~ I have gone through serious change in the past 12 months.  Here is what I have learned from love / relationships, careers and weight gain / body image: 

1.  Love / Relationships 
  • If it's broke - you might not be able to fix it - so trade it in for something brand new and shiny.
  • Don't settle. EVER. 
  • Take the high road.  It has less potholes. 
  • Don't waste your time hating.  It's toxic.  
  • I still believe in soul-mates, love at first sight and *the one*. 
  • God gives us second chances for a reason. 
  • Serendipity is the greatest gift.  
  • I am a hopeful romantic. 
  • If it feels right and it's easy, it's not to good to be true.  It IS true. 
  • Once YOU stop looking for that someone, that someone will find YOU.  
  • *All I want is to be adored. 
[*the best feeling in the world is when you (I) walk into a crowded room and that special someone (he) is looking right at you (me) and you (I) know that you are (I am) the only person in the world that person (he) adores!]

2. Careers 
  • Don't settle. EVER. 
  • If you go to work every day dull and lifeless, it's time to make change because there is no such thing as "it's too late." It's *never* too late.
  • Mutual respect is not overrated. 
  • You shouldn't have to constantly "Shout" out the bus tire marks from the back of your shirt, as getting run over by it over and over kind of sucks. 
  • If your boss' idea of being generous is giving you HIS credit card to only buy HIS coffee while you sludge it out in the dead of winter for your own coffee, it's not generous. At all. 
  • Micromanaging is definitely overrated. 
  • It's pretty difficult to slam your door shut when you work in a cubicle. 
  • Standing over my shoulder in an attempt to help me with something you asked me to do will not, and I repeat, will NOT, make me work faster. 
  • There are lots of jobs out there, lots.  Stop using "there are no jobs" as an excuse. 
  • Money isn't going to make me happy.  Being happy where I work regardless of how much I make is going to make me happy. 
  • Empathy is kindly appreciated. 
  • Finally getting to "stick it to the man" feels truly as amazing as you would imagine, if not more! 

3. Weight Gain / Body Image
  • The number on the scale does not determine how much people will love me. 
  • Being underweight doesn't make you pretty.  It makes you skinny and people get overly concerned about you and that's kind of annoying. 
  • When someone tells you that you finally have a booty, say thank you.  It's a compliment. 
  • Taking a hammer to your scale feels as good as it sounds. 
  • Lifting more weight than the guy on the machine before or after you is incredibly gratifying. 
  • Strong legs will enable you to get faster.  
  • I am not 18 anymore so I don't have to maintain the same weight at 40. 
  • List those damn size 26, ultra low-rise jeans on Ebay and get paid from the teenage girls that are the ones that should actually be wearing them (if there fathers let them that is.) I may or may not have 3 active listings. 
  • Your body knows how much it should weigh so trust it.  It hasn't failed you yet - you're still alive, aren't you?  
  • I am more fit and look better at 40 then I did at 20.  Being a late bloomer is actually pretty cool because with age comes wisdom. 
  • Sexy is about attitude, not about pounds or measurements. 
  • Mirrors can't show you what your beauty is truly made of because it can't reflect what's in your heart and soul.  
  • I love my body. (ok,ok I'm still working on this one!)
  • Our bodies are our temples and should be treated as such. 

I am grateful that I have had enough tough experiences to learn and grow each and every day.  Being happy is my number one priority and I don't have any reason to not be.  Attitude is everything and adjusting to life's every day challenges has become something I am getting really good at.  I believe, deep in my heart, that there is a life lesson to be learned in every experience. I am finding myself saying things like "So what" and "Who cares" a whole lot more. I can also honestly say that I. love. my. life.  (and all the people in it!) 

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RunnerChick said...

First, its so nice to have you back in blog world. I've missed you. And second, so proud of you and your transformation this year. You are strong, and amazing, and inspiring and I love you! And I miss you!!