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Friday, March 28, 2014

things I love. the 2014 edition!

I am fairly certain that I skipped things I love in 2013 because quite frankly, the list would have been pretty damn short.  In a nutshell what I loved most about 2013 was that it came to end.  2014, however, has started off on a much higher note and continues to keep me grinning from ear to ear.  The sun doesn't always shine in my  world, I have plenty of rainy days.  But I'm beginning to see the new growth and life that comes from all the rain. So from the bottom of my sunny, warm heart, these are the things that spring me out of bed every morning, with a smile so big it hurts my cheeks...
my family.  Myrcenary IPA. my very pink tri bike.  horsing around with, and hugging my nieces. glittery nail polish. dangly earrings. 4 inch black stilettos. my roommates (Fletchie and Brownie too!) white chocolate chips. writing. kissing. haunted houses. my best girls (you know who you are!) fleece socks. Betty Designs. ponytails. messy faux hawks. 303triathlon. blue eyes. my aesthetician. sunday rides with my training partners. Earthquake Cabernet. late winter sunrises. emoticons. my co-workers. sushi. miniature chairs. open roads. flat rimmed trucker hats. my geisha tattoo. headbands. John Snow. Spotify. salted caramel mocha coffee creamer. Honeystinger lemon waffles. nicknames. corn tortilla chips. family vacations. buffalo ranch dressing. label makers. sunshine. mittens. fluffy pillows. my furry babies, from afar. aero. challenges. fresh air. window seats. compliments. serendipity. bursting bubbles. PIZZA! baby steps. first dates. VS Bombshell perfume. skinny jeans. my white Jeep. rainbow chard. Mod Market. leather seats. windy nights. sleeping. butt warmers. yoga pants. pink highlighters. slow motion video. my parent's decision to move here this year. photo editor. group texts with my family. determination. inspirational quotes. my boss. sarcasm. egg white omelettes.  Deer Creek canyon. too big for your face sunglasses. goat cheese. the thought of falling in love. my best guys (you know who you are too!) making fun of #hashtags. pedicures. cards against humanity. doomsday movies. cilantro. and pretty much everything else in my life.  

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