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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

17 hours.

Ironman Texas is in 31 days. and I haven't run in 31 days. Thinking back, since December 1997, this is the longest period in my running career (16 years to be exact) in which I haven't run, not even a mile. When I stumbled over a rock on a pre-dawn run on the morning of March 3rd, I had no idea the damage that little stone would cause. I tried to hobble and tough it out for the two weeks that followed, but there came a moment when I had to scream *UNCLE* It wasn't like me to not be able to grit my way through the pain, but this was different. I knew something was seriously wrong and the MRI results confirmed that. My left hamstring had retracted 15mm. In laymen's terms, the muscle had torn away from the bone over 1/2". I also have severe tendinitis, as well as bursitis near my sits bone. Fortunately, my pity party was pretty short lived once I was told that I could still swim, bike and W A L K. if I wanted... Whuuuh?  If I wanted?  GAME. ON. The doctor may have said something like, "You can race in Texas but you will have to walk the marathon." But all I heard was, "Go all out and hammer away on the bike...pedal after your dream time-goal with no consequences!" I figure I'm walking anyways and god knows I can do THAT all day long (remember my 28 days of walking after rhinoplasty/septoplasty repair in 2011?!) The way I see it, I have no reason to leave any gas in the tank. I do it. all. the. time in my Jeep and still get from point A to point B, so what's the difference? I am still racing Ironman Texas and am so psyched!

I'm already at that place in training where I start to visualize that  day and get all choked up. 29 weeks of grueling sacrifice behind me...less than 5 to go. I'm. so. close! Daydreaming about getting to the 'run' gives me goosebumps, as I think about how much it won't hurt, you know, in the traditional Ironman sense of the word. I'll have more time to take *it* all in too, if that's even possible for me. The run is my favorite part of Ironman, as I have so much fun chatting with the volunteers, bantering with the spectators and encouraging my fellow athletes on, aka to HTFU! I've settled into the idea that I'm looking at a 7 hour marathon. Is it going to suck a little bit you ask? FUCK YEAH IT IS... It's 140.6 miles-in Texas-in May. DER. That's a long way to go in hot, humid and all around disgusting weather. But seriously...who cares?! I'll be doing an Ironman, dedicating every mile to my cousin Paul. He is marrying the love of his life right around the time when I'll be finishing up my ride - hopefully! How awesome is that? Of course I'm sad I'm missing their big day, BUT I'll be thinking about them, and all that love, the whole time.  (Hell, I'm going to be looking for my own husband the entire day...the odds will definitely be in my favor!)

All joking aside, I used to think that 17 hours was puhhhhhh-leeeeeeenty of time to finish an Ironman, but between Coeur d'Alene and this injury, I have been very humbled into realizing that 17 hours may not be enough, no matter how bad you want it. But believe me, I want it bad....  

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