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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rain week. er, uh, I mean RACE WEEK...

At 4:45am, I laced up my shoes, held my breath and stepped outside...the sun was still snoozin' as I took my first few steps into the damp streets.  The moisture clung to my skin and it was obvious that although the rain had stopped, it was only taking a break.  I took my time cruising around the neighborhood, paying attention to all the little aches and pains that always surface during race week.  Yup, there they are.  Thankfully I am heading to my chiropractor and MAT Specialist later today to get that shit taken care of.  At one point, I couldn't help but stop, to take in what brief moments of sunshine we had as the sun rose, only to quickly hide itself again behind clouds.  Oh well.  more rain.

After my run, my friend Shelly and I received the following text from our buddy Sean, "Seattle is beautiful.  I love this place."  I laughed out loud, fully understanding what he meant as I was already 12oz into my 16oz iced coffee, and Shelly responded, "You are WHERE??" ha! Sean pointed out that it had been raining for 30 hours straight. in Denver. not Seattle.  Although if you were to look out the window, or step out onto the street (into a 2 foot muddy puddle no doubt in sandals...yup...this girl), you would feel like you were in Seattle. not Denver. Seattle?! gah! We've had *non-stop mist, depressing grey skies, what happened to you oh beautiful sun?!?* kind of rain. for days........ Normally, it just reminds of my *Home sweet home Chicago* (and all of the reasons that I left there in the first place.) But this week?  It's kind of taking me back to the end of June last year. Same weather, different race.  Less than desirable outcome.  IMCdA = DNF.  [INSERT: SAD FACE]  Fortunately for me, this time the weather forecast is turning around, with the only day not calling for any rain being Sunday.  August 3rd.  IRONMAN BOULDER. [INSERT: HAPPY FACE] 

So there you go. 3 more days. Is this girl ready? You bet your ass she is...let the tiara ditching begin!

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