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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Iron Tiara: A Rough Patch - Published on 202triathlon.com

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Iron Tiara: A Rough Patch
The weeks following IM Boulder were filled with some pretty disheartening moments. I expected to be riding the highs from ironman for awhile, as the day had brought me so much joy. As I celebrated with my family the following weekend, a quick trip to the grocery store turned out to be a long ass nightmare. I was involved in a serious car accident, t-boned by a mother of 5 (thankfully minus the 5) in a mini-van. I spun out a few times, ending up facing oncoming traffic, after slamming my head and shoulder into the driver's side window. When you hear someone utter the phrase, "my life flashed before my eyes," I assure you it's a very real, and very frightening sentiment. Thankfully I walked away with only a bump on the head, a bruised shoulder and a mildly stiff neck. My car, however, suffered over $10,000 in damage, and spent 32 days in the shop. Yes, I kept track ... I love my Jeep (lol, guess it's a *Jeep thing*!)
Three weeks following the accident, I received the most tragic news. My sweet, adorable and loving grandfather had passed away very unexpectedly. I was devastated. He was 94 years young, and the wittiest and most brilliant person I had ever met. Thankfully, I had spoken to him the night before IM Boulder so at least I felt like I had gotten to say good-bye.
I have always attributed my wild sense of humor and passion for life to him.
Through all of this, I had the support of my friends and family, the strength of the most amazing man, and the saving grace of...training. You see, my season was not ending with Boulder. With my larger-than-life, thrill-seeking attitude, I committed to a third iron-distance triathlon in 2014; Redman in Oklahoma City. My fourth 140.6 in less than 13 months, my third in just four. Crazy? Absolutely! But this is the kind of sh*t I live for, and I'm sure it surprises no one anymore.
So on Saturday, I will race my final triathlon of the season, having trained for 49 weeks, ready to attack the loftiest goals I have EVER dared set for myself. Based on the previous year's finishing times, I'm not only seeking out a top five female finish, I want to win my age group. Who the hell do I think I am? I'm the proud granddaughter of a successful Danish man who taught me to "go big or go home", that's who!
I've put in the time. Holy H-E-L-L have I put in the time. I've done the work. I've sacrificed so much. I've endured the tough times. Now it's time for this iron tiara to celebrate the precious gift of life...this one's for you Grandpa!


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