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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Duct tape.

I am under serious construction right now... emotionally, mentally and physically. (aaaaaand I have decided this blog absolutely needs a facelift too...Ditch the Tiara finally has its own domain name, but I am just too lazy to start working on it!!) 

At the end of last year, I applied for all sorts of construction permits.  I was starting to pick out upgrades that I had hoped would give my mind and body a better place to live in. I knew that my "home" needed to be renovated. I tried to slow down, take time for me, rest more, train less, etc. etc. etc. Recently, I have been notified that all of my permits have been D. E. N. I. E. D.  So I'm stuck.  in the middle of this mess. Walls are half built. Floors are half tiled. Door frames are erect, but nothing to seal them shut. Where the fuck are the doors? How am I supposed to keep the good shit in, and the bad shit out?  I'll tell you how.  With some good ol' fashion duct tape.  That's how.  But sparkly. and pink.  It really exists you know, sparkly, pink duct tape?  Yeah, it's out there.  And it's fucking fantastic. And for now, it's going to have to do. It's the shit that's holding my life together.  

my newest life accessory

Side note. I have recently come to love lists. 1) They're perfect for breaking up the monotony of a regular sentence. 2) They help me to organize my thoughts. 3) I guess they're supposed to help me organize my thoughts, hence the whole point of THE list. 4.) Making a list right now will allow me to briefly, and efficiently, fill you in as to  why the hell I currently need lots of sparkly, pink duct tape.

1. I have not run since October 19th. 
2. I have ridden my bike exactly 3 times since October 25th. 
3. I love to run and I love to bike.  
4. I am not sure, nor is my orthopedic doctor, why it hurts to run, but hopefully when I see him tomorrow we'll finally figure out why.
5. At least it doesn't hurt to ride my bike anymore. 
6. I wonder how long I can make this list. 
7. I think my hamstrings are healed and are not the source of the pain. 
8. Oh yeah. I am in pain, hence the no running thing. OH WAIT...refer back to #4.
9. I am single again...apparently you CAN have more than one true love. I hope I find him. Again.
10. Work is kicking my ass, but it doesn't hurt as much as it does to run. 
11. I went through something really depressing and totally awful earlier this year.  Thankfully time is healing this wound. 
12. I want to run.  
13. I have NO idea if I am going to do an Ironman this year, let alone any distance triathlon.
14. I have NO idea if I even WANT to do an Ironman this year, let alone any distance triathlon. 
15. Add up numbers 1 through 14 and it equals, well, it doesn't really equal anything because it's a list, not an equation. der.
16. Buy more sparkly, pink duct tape.  

ps. duct tape is code word for the best and sweetest friends I have ever (and never) met. 

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