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Friday, April 10, 2015

Femme une femme

When I was 14, I only had one thing on my mind.  Boys. {Wait a minute. Strike that.  Reverse it. Thank you.}  I still do. At the age of 42.  Some things will never change.  ever.  like in the *history* of EVER.  and as a big time girly-girl, I'm pretty much the furthest thing from Gloria Steinem. but I AM one fiercely independent Scorpio. SIDE NOTE: And I WOULD, because I COULD, kick your ass if you messed with me or my family...with lip gloss on of course.  So I guess I'm somewhere in the middle, not really giving a shit about things, people or situations I can't control. If people want to be ignorant assholes and bash on women, or our rights, go for it. and they can also go fuck themselves while they're at it, because if I get upset about it, I am giving "them" power.  and that is not something you're going to get out of me.  Don't get me wrong, I consider myself equal, (and even at times better - what can I say - I'm a Scorpio) and I believe in my gender's rights.  But I am not going to picket and protest.  My beliefs are mine, and I don't need to publicly share them. At the end of the day, the only person's opinion of myself, as a woman, that matters is my own. But I do not condemn, nor find fault in, the women that DO openly voice themselves. I fiercely support them in my own way, and especially one in particular.

I am related to a real spit-fire of a non-girly-girl, that has such a special place in my heart. She's a total badass. And not because she's my godchild, and kindred Scorpio, with her birthday falling just one day after mine. But because she DOES give a shit about what society thinks of women, and openly voices herself. I give her massive kudos for her conviction. Why her in particular? because she's only 14. Boys?  Meh - take 'em or leave 'em...for now.  I am not going to say she hates pink buuuuuutttttttttttttttt...she kinda does. High heels, lip gloss, and lots of make-up?  Nah. While I had a wicked Barbie doll collection growing up, she fancied those Uglydolls (which ARE kind of cute) and Sock Monkeys. This kid's pretty much the anti mini-me, and so wicked cool because of it. She's her own free spirit.  Like me. Drives her mom crazy. Like I did. (Did ma. DID!) And I suppose she's not really a kid anymore, but she will always be to me. 

Earlier this year, one of her class assignments was to write a poem.  I'm not even sure what the class was, or the topic. It really doesn't matter. I just know she put some serious thought into the message that she wanted to share with her class, and I guess now the world. When I received the email from my sister, with this kid's point of view on the equality of women, my jaw dropped. My skin tingled. And then I cried.  I am not inspired easily.  Motivated?  Heck yeah. But it takes someone, or something so out of this world amazing, to inspire me.  and I can honestly say, without hesitation, that this kid is at the top of my "inspiration" list. 

Her words. Her wisdom. Her win for women. 

"You're an Over the Top Feminist..."
A Poem Explaining Why.

I am a feminist.
I am not here to hate the other sex, I am here to quiet gender roles like others try to quiet me.
I am here for the girls who feel obligated to change themselves for men who don't deserve them.
I am here to fight for my gender to not be called a bitch when being direct, but to be taken as seriously as a "powerful leader."
I am here to be looked at like a person, and not as something that can be bought, or made, like a doll on my son's shelf.
Teach boys and girls the same.
I am ready to fight and break down the wall society has made to try to block me out, to make me less important.
Because girls shouldn't feel sorry for not shaving, for dressing more "masculine" because they want to.
I will use my words as swords to cut through the mess we have made. I will as "dedicated" as a king, but I am not a king, nor will I ever be. I am a queen, I am a girl.
I am just as important as you.
I am strong and powerful and beautiful, and not bossy, not annoying, not stupid...but you can't rule without a king, right?
I am equal.

Chew on that haters. 

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