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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

RIP, 2016.

I almost feel like I am mourning the loss of 2016 because I didn't write a damn thing about the second half of what turned out to be the most amazing year of my entire life!  YES...you read that right. And actually 2017, in just 25 short days, has already blown 2016 out. of. the. water.  BUT, that's a whole 'nuther post folks!  

The last you heard, I was gearing up for a brutal cycling challenge, the Bob Cook Memorial Mt Evans Hill Climb -Gran Fondo last July.  I had busted my ass week after week AFTER WEEK getting ready for this "race" and I even called myself out for a top 5 finish.  Me.  Top 5?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA  Seriously, that was me pretty much talking out my arse, as I don't have a competitive bone in my body... except for when it comes to making people laugh.  Then  I need to be number 1.  

Anyways.  I had my road bike exactly less than 1 week and I decided I would go balls to the WALL and see what I could do.  And holy effing EFF.  I have never hurt SO good SO bad on a bike ride.  Ever.  When I finished that 28 mile ride, with just a mere 7,000 feet of climbing, I got off of the bike and every single muscle in my legs seized up.  I have never experienced that before.  And I can't wait to feel it again this July!  Although I didn't race in a "category" I still felt like I raced for my life against the 76 women in the Gran Fondo.  I had a 36 minute PR.  That in and of itself was an absolute WIN.  Come to find out that I came in 12th place overall and was 5th in my age group. Yes. TOP 5.  ME!  I DID IT!  

Perspective:  I finished this grueling 28 mile ride in 3:12 and the course record holder is Tom Danielson with an insane 1:41.  Seriously?  THAT IS SICK FAST! So my goal for this year?  Sub 3, of course.  And a big, fat W for my age group.  I just need 19 minutes to do that. I'm from Chicago, the North Side actually. Yeah, so if the Cubs can win the World Series???  Well then... any chance I get to Fly the W, you can bet your ass I will!  GO CUBS!  GO ME!  And the rest of 2016 turned out to be pretty damn amazing.  New Years Eve?  Nothing short of a miracle.  and fireworks.  Lots and lots of big, smoochy fireworks... xxoo
Mt Evans Hill Climb - post race

A view from the top of my favorite ride in the world

Cubs win the World Series!  Fly the W 

Yes... it did :) 

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